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Alex(andra). 20. New York. North Carolina.
Hooping. Longboarding. Surfing. Photography. Sketching. Adventure Time. Shpongle. Autumn. HIM. Space. Meditation. Sacred Geometry. True Blood. Traveling. Nature. Music. Animals. Ott. Nighttime. Wes Anderson Movies. Dreads. Tattoos. Piercings. Love. Art. Cookies.
Owner of the store Voodoo Killer. Check out the link below, and feel free to contact me about any custom clothing or questions about anything.
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A few days ago on Spring Break i was sharing a house with my friend, her older brother, and her older brother's friends. I ended up hooking up with one of the boys and going really far with him. (im a freshman and he's a junior) and for some reason im like really grossed out by it now and regret it sooo much. I just like really dont want to see him at school on monday, but its all i can think about which sucks because it was so gross.. i just dont know what to do... What should i do?????


ummm hmm okay well… first don’t regret anything, you did nothing wrong. just take this as a learning experience for the future. don’t torture yourself either about it, thats pointless. there’s nothing to be grossed out about or worried about… sex is a huge part of life. 


Stunning Polished Fire Agate

"its really sad that i have no friends who are girls that like the same stuff as me… why don’t more girls longboard or surf or enjoy the outdoors or actually get their nails dirty instead of getting their nails painted… its like these girls only exist in tumblr images but in reality i find no girls i can relate to… basically please be my friend if you live anywhere even near New York" Dude, you're perfect be my best friend and move to Illinois 😜





-never been worn real jeffrey campbell’s I purchased from Urban Outfitters

-they’re the skeleton print on black

-if anyone is interested send me a message, I can send you pictures and information

-shoes would fit around a size 8, message me about size and i’ll let you know

-ILL GIVE YOU A REALLY GOOD PRICE! these specific platforms can’t be found anywhere anymore. I never wore them and I never will so I want to get rid of them


Iceland | Eddie Lluisma

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So we're basically the same person & I have no longboarding buddy either. I don't have a tumblr but I live on LI and I wish I could be friends with youuu :3


be my friend!!! get a tumblr! long island is the shit, thats where I’m from too